December 15, 2017

SEMA NEWS: Hot New Product

SEMA stands for: Specialty Equipment Market Association. Because of this, you can expect to see LOTS of useful, and not so useful, stuff to rebuild, upgrade, add on to and polish your vehicle at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Below are some of the highlights this year that pertain specifically to the offroad and overland markets, as well as a few shiny things that have little use at all, but caught my eye

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Every experienced four-wheeler who ventures into rugged terrain knows the advantages of airing down the tires on their off-road vehicle. By letting some of the air out of a set of tires that are inflated to highway pressures such as 30+ psi, you get a wider and more complaint trackwidth that aids in creating more traction, plus, as an added benefit, the tires can absorb more of the shock input from obstacles.

IMG_0218xIt’s quite common for four-wheelers to drop the pressure in their tires to 12 or 15 psi just prior to hitting the trial. Aired-down tires also can wrap around a rock and grip it better than a tire that is inflated to highway pressure and is as hard as the rock. In the past this process has been a hassle, as the driver needed to bend down or kneel on the ground to air down each tires one at a time, and make sure all four of the tires were set at the same pressure. But now there is an alternative that makes this job a whole lot easier.

2WayAir from Wild Boar Off Road offers a device that can easily be installed on any vehicle to allow the simultaneous release of pressure in all the tires at the same rate, and re-inflate all of those tires to the same pressure at the same time. We talked to Patrick Hickman, the creator of 2WayAir to find out how it works.

“2WayAir consists of a series of tubes installed on the vehicle that act as a manifold system, with connection point valves mounted near each tire. When you are ready to inflate or deflate the tires, you hook up the quick-disconnect whips (air tubes with quick-disconnect valves) to the Schrader valve mounted at each access point of the central manifold system, and you’re ready to adjust all the tire pressures at the same time from a central control panel.”

“The system works with a portable air compressor, one that’s mounted in the vehicle, or from an outside air source. During inflation, a pressure set point valve releases when the inflation level has reached a pre-determined point. To deflate the tires, connect the whips, open the ball valve on the control station, and the tires deflate simultaneously.

Installation is easy, and all the hardware, air lines, connectors, and valves are top-notch equipment. The kit comes in four-tire sets for vehicles, two-tire sets for trailers, and even a six-tire kit for duallies

For all the details, check out the Wild Boar,  2wayair website or call (714)891-8222.

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